Aaron Mah

Aaron is originally from Vancouver, Canada. Aaron competed as an elite level gymnast where he represented the Canadian national team for over 10 years. He earned a scholarship to UC Berkeley where he was captain of the varsity gymnastics team for two years and completed a degree in Integrative Biology. He is now an MSc candidate in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine program at UBC, where he is a member of IBL.


  • Master of Science – Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, The University of British Columbia (2021-Present)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley (2015-2019)


  • ICORD Trainee Travel Award, International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries, 2021
  • Best Poster Award, 2nd place in Master’s category, ICORD Trainee Symposium, 2021
  • Jesse Choper Scholarship, UC Berkeley, 2015-2019

Current Projects

  • Monitoring of free flap hemodynamics using novel optical techniques.
  • Studying the accuracy of different thermometry methods for measuring body temperature.


Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Biophotonics, Exercise Physiology, Gymnastics, Basketball.


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